Parent Volunteer Opportunities

“It takes a village,” and BMS is excited to collaborate with you in the care of your child. We want your insights from home, and we encourage parents to become involved here at school as well. We strive to provide a variety of opportunities so that parents can contribute in ways that they feel most comfortable. Opportunities include:

  • Serving on the Board of Directors
  • Involvement with the Parent Action Committee (PAC)
  • Giving presentations to classrooms based on your special talents or knowledge
  • Supporting classrooms by hauling away recycling, completing sewing projects, or washing and returning laundry
  • Helping maintain the campus with your skills such as carpentry, painting or landscaping
  • Have another idea? We’d love to hear it!

There is a 10 hour/year minimum volunteer requirement for each family.

For more information on ways to support your school, visit