BMS Appeals

It is a scary time for non-profit organizations right now. It’s a time when organizations are examining budgets and tightening belts, and BMS is no different. That being said, we are so proud of BMS for continuing to invest in our values. In this chaotic time, with a deficit budget, we have chosen to:

  • Continue to fund all existing student scholarships and award this year’s new annual 9-year scholarship
  • Move forward with a three-year intensive Anti-Bias Anti-Racism (ABAR) training for all staff
  • Honor staff contracts by not furloughing a single person, despite a dip in enrollment

This year will be hard, but it will pass. It is vital that we look to the future. We must continue to not only fuel our mission of guiding children from self-discovery to global citizenship through Montessori education, but also to take new steps toward manifesting our vision. Bloomington Montessori envisions being a center for peace and education within the community and continuing to increase our positive impact beyond current and past families. We are not simply a school; we are a movement.

We can’t achieve these goals without your support. This year more than ever, each donation matters, and we must work together to achieve our school wide annual fund goal of $30,000, one donation at a time. Please, reach out to those in your community that may be willing to support this vision as well. Whether it is a one-time donation through our “Friends of Montessori” program, a recurring donation through our “Grassroots” program, or a major gift as part of our “IMPACT” program, you are making a difference in the lives of children here at BMS, families at home, the community we support, and the world these children will inherit.

Please, invest in your values and donate to the Bloomington Montessori annual campaign today. Our theme this year is “Circles of Care”; we will be exploring how BMS teaches concrete lessons of empathy and social responsibility. This begins with care of self and expands as children mature to include care of the classroom, school, and community. These concentric circles of care help children expand their sense of interdependence and empathy, and their “circles of care” continue to deepen and grow long after they graduate from BMS. This is a foundation of peace and unity, and your tax-deductible donation will ensure that BMS continues to thrive and serve the community we all love.