BMS Annual Campaign

The past two years have been busy ones for Bloomington Montessori School. Years of challenges, as we negotiate the many changes necessitated by the pandemic. Years of growth in our staff and students, watching as they learn and play in our place of peace. Years of joy as we celebrate the successes of each student and the community and consistency we have built at BMS.

Your support in these years has been invaluable! Despite limitations on enrollment and budget deficits, the BMS community has stayed committed to its values. In the past year, your generous contributions and support have helped us to:

  • Continue to fund all existing scholarships
  • Continue our participation in Anti-Bias, Anti-Racism training
  • Pursue valuable community partnerships for our students, including projects with Middle Way House, MCUM, and the Bloomington Community Orchard
  • Achieve full schoolwide accreditation from the American Montessori Society.

This year, our Annual Fund campaign is all about “Growing a Better World.” Growing a better world is the long-term goal of our mission here at BMS, to guide children from self-discovery to global citizenship through Montessori education. Through the Montessori method, our students become self-motivated learners, enthusiastic participants in the world around them, and advocates for peace and justice in their communities. Maria Montessori wrote that children are a “bright new hope for mankind.” Even in times of struggle, we see the truth of those words here at BMS. In our classrooms, we plant seeds – care of others, care of the environment, social justice, scientific inquiry, aesthetic appreciation. We watch those seeds sprout as our students grow, learn, and commit themselves to make a difference in their communities. We see hope for the future as they develop the drive and the tools to impact the world around them. 

Last year, we asked for your support in “Circles of Care” for our school community in a time of need. This year, we ask for your support again as we renew our path of growth. Your contributions to our Annual Fund help us care for our materials and environment, develop enriching programs for our students and staff, and secure our future for generations of families to come. 

Please, invest in your hope for the future and donate to the Bloomington Montessori Annual Fund today! Your tax-deductible donation at any level will express your support for BMS and its mission. In addition, please reach out to those in your community who may be willing to support our mission as well.