Session 1 – June 5-16th 

Half day

Intro to Montessori – April Waxler & Eve Cusack

BMS is offering a camp geared completely toward brand new preschool students.  It will be taught by two of our preschool lead teachers in a classroom environment set up specifically to meet the needs of brand new students, with the aim of development of a sense of order, concentration, coordination and independence.  This camp will run as a half-day only, with an option to pay the all-day tuition fee and have your child spend the afternoon in the Space Camp.

All Day Preschool

Space Camp – Anna Wegerson &Megan Carpenter

Come join us as we blast off into outer space camp!  Children will play fun games and sing fun songs about the planets and our universe.  We will taste interesting space snacks, make cool art, and have a lot of hands on work experience about the solar system and beyond.


STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) – Deirdre Sheets & Sam Cusack

During this camp we will focus in particular on engineering, design, construction, experimentation, and the nexus of science and art. We will spend plenty of time outdoors while we explore, experiment, and create.

Session 2 –June19-30th

Half Day/All Day

Art Camp-Eve Cusack

Creating with various art media and an introduction to art history.  Session will end with a Gallery Show for families to appreciate children’s artwork. 


Construction CampEvan Copelly & McKenzie Holmgren                                                                     

In the same tradition as previous summers, this will be a relaxed camp where we’ll spend most of our time working with construction sets or playing outside. Chess and other board games will be available as well. Children who will enjoy this camp most are those eager to design their own building projects or to master a new game.

Session 3 –July 3-14th

Half Day/All Day

Cooking Camp-Kathleen Clark & Robyn Miller

Come join us for this fun summer camp where your child will learn about healthy snacks, simple meal preparation, and nutrition all while exploring food. 


Circus Camp-Ann Dowin & Christy True

Circus Camp is back at BMS! At BMS Circus Stars Camp kids will learn traditional circus skills from around the globe, including juggling, plate-spinning, devilsticks, diabolos, balancing, rolas, stilt walking, rolling globes, hula hoops, clowning and more. Campers will explore the world of circus through creative play, language arts and poetry, craft-making, art works, science and engineering, cultural arts, food preparation and practical life skills. We will also conduct daily workshops in circus skills and stage-craft, with a view toward producing, interpreting and analyzing short performance works. Get ready to Jump on the bandwagon again… Of course, the most exciting part of circus camp is the creation of a spectacular circus production for family and friends.  Showcasing each camper’s new skills and a working midway, the circus show is not to be missed!