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Food and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition
Our genuine concern for your child’s development and health guides the BMS nutritional guidelines that apply to all food prepared for and eaten at school snacks, our lunch program, and school events.

We encourage parents to include their children in the fun of preparing snacks, lunches and pot-luck dishes and to make healthy choices. For instance, select from a variety of food groups and avoid processed foods and foods high in refined or added sugar and unhealthy fats. We support the choice of fruits for dessert and discourage cookies and other baked goods. Please do not send soda, candy, or fast food items. Parents should discuss classroom birthday celebrations with their child’s Lead Teacher.

A Nut-Free School
BMS is a nut-free school. Food allergies, particularly to peanuts and tree nuts, may be life-threatening. The number of children attending BMS who have a severe nut or peanut allergy has risen over the years, so our Board voted to become entirely nut free in order to keep all of our students safe. Students and families may not bring onto campus or to school events any food containing tree nuts or peanuts, or any product containing ingredients including but not limited to nut oils, butters, extracts and flours. Our full policy, including a full list of tree nuts and ground nuts, is available to parents upon enrollment and is included in our parent handbook.

Our Lunch Program
Bloomington Montessori School offers a hot lunch program every day that school is in session and participates in the National School Lunch Program. We also offer free and reduced-price lunches, which are available to those families who qualify. All-day preschool students and half-day preschool students who choose to eat lunch must participate in the lunch program; it is optional for elementary students, who are welcome to bring their own lunch. We provide both meat and vegetarian options and avoid all nuts and nut products, as set forth in our policy. We are unfortunately unable to accommodate other dietary restrictions and choices.

Lunch is included in the cost of tuition for all-day preschool students. For half-day preschool students, the cost is currently $125.00/month in addition to the regular tuition. Elementary students may purchase lunch at $2.90/lunch. Milk (cow or soy) is included in the cost of all lunches.

Sign-ups for the lunch program and menu selections are available online within our Parent Portal between the 15th and 25th of each month.

Snacks in the Classroom
A healthy daily snack is provided in all classrooms. In the preschool classes, a snack is offered each morning and afternoon, and includes foods such as natural fruit juice, milk, fresh fruits, cheese and crackers. In the elementary classrooms, a morning snack is provided, including similar items, and in the upper elementary classroom, the students take turns preparing the snack, which can also include freshly popped popcorn and homemade bread. Upper elementary students are welcome to bring a snack from home, as well.

Free and Reduced Lunch Prices

As participants in the National School Lunch Program, we have forms (Letter and Application) for the Free and Reduced Price School Meals.  Please stop by the main office to pick up these two documents and return.

Free and Reduced Lunch Prices Parent Letter (PDF)

Free and Reduced Lunch Prices Application (PDF)