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A positive, predictable and brief routine can help your child transition into the classroom in the morning.  It is a great idea to practice your goodbye at home. Please bring your child to the classroom door and a teacher will be available to greet your child and welcome he or she into the classroom.  The children see the classroom as their special place and for this reason we ask parents to say goodbye at the door instead of entering the classroom. We know it is stressful if a child cries when it is time for you to leave. Stay positive about school and show your child you are confident that they will have a good day. If you need help, feel free to ask the teacher.

The classroom door opens at 8:00 and families may arrive as late as 9:00. Special activities like musical performances or guest speakers may begin as early as 9:00, so please be sure to arrive within this timeframe.  

Daily Schedule





Morning Work Period


Outside Time




Group Gathering


Outside Time


Rest Time


Outside time for those who are awake


Afternoon Meeting


Afternoon Work Period


Child’s choice to continue work or play outside


Story Time


Children should be dressed in comfortable clothing that might become dirtied with paint or other stains. We will play outside in the winter, so please send your child with boots, snow pants, waterproof gloves and a hat. Rain coats and boots may be sent for rainy days (or kept at school). Please no scarves for safety reasons, but neck warmers are great. Please label all items so that items do not get lost.  Please send an extra pair of shoes or slippers so that your child can change out of his or her boots. Clothing the child can manage on their own is best.  Sturdy shoes the child can run and climb in are recommended.

What to Bring

We welcome cultural or natural objects and family travel photos into the classroom to be displayed on a shelf, but please leave toys at home as they distract children from their work in the Montessori classroom.

If your child is entering the youngest group, please send a complete change of clothes labeled in a bag. For rest time your child may bring a small pillow, blanket, and stuffed animal.


We serve fresh and healthy lunches everyday. Nutrition is also included in our curriculum. The children will be served a variety of food, and we will encourage them to try new things. Please write on your enrollment form and tell the teacher if your child has a food allergy. We begin at 11:20. There is a small fee payable in the office.

Sickness and Medication

If your child vomits or has a fever at school, we will contact you first and then those on your emergency contact list. If you child had a fever (100 or higher), vomited, or had other symptoms of illness in the last 24 hours, please keep them at home.

Rest Time

All children have a labeled cot and are provided with a quiet rest time in the afternoon. Please tell us a little about your child’s daytime sleeping habits.


You may pick up your child between 3:00 and 5:30. Late parents will be fined. Please do not enter the classroom, but instead wait at the classroom door while your child gathers his or her things. If you need to pick up your child earlier, please tell the teacher at the door in the morning. If your child is going to be absent, tell the teacher if it is prearranged, or please call the office if you child is ill or will be coming late to school.

Snow Days

BMS follows MCCSC for road conditions, but not for temperature closings. Check your email for a school message, the local radio announcement on WFIU 103.7fm, or call the school at 812-336-2800 to listen to the answering machine announcement.

Children’s Evening

There will be a Children’s Evening in the fall and spring. This is an excellent opportunity for your child to show you his or her favorite work. The children enjoy giving their parents a tour of the classroom, and we will have a brief group singing time at the end.


Each month we celebrate the birthdays of children born in that month. We will celebrate summer birthdays in May. You will receive the birthday letter at the beginning of the month, and we will try to set a date that works for all families attending. The birthday children will stand, introduce their parents, and we will sing the ‘tall tree’ song. The child will walk around the circle while the parent tells a story of their child. After the circle time, we share the healthy treats (mini muffins, fruit, cheese, mini bagels, etc.–please  no nuts and try to avoid sugary or processed food with wasteful and difficult packing) provided by the birthday families. You may use the parent pockets to pass out invitations to your child’s private birthday parties, but please do not send these into the classroom.

Outdoor Time

The courtyard attached to the Magnolia room (Anna’s room) will function as a garden and playground. This playground is very sunny. If your child is in the Magnolia room, please put sunscreen on your child before school. In the summer and spring months, the teachers will help children apply sunscreen in the afternoon. Please do not send your child with sunscreen. We will provide sunscreen for the afternoon.  The large playground attached to the Sweet Gum room and the Hickory room will be used by both all-day preschool classes. This playground is shaded and sunscreen is not required.


If you need to speak to us about a concern, please call the school or stop by the classroom and we will speak then or we can make an appointment. You may email us, April at sweetgum@montessori.k12.in.us and Anna at magnolia@montessori.k12.in.us. We are always happy to hear your concerns and want to work with you to solve any issues that may arise for your child. If it is a routine question, feel free to direct it to the teacher at the door in the morning or at pick up in the afternoon. Also, please check your parent pocket outside the classroom door for BMS communications. Teacher names and pictures, a school menu and flyers of upcoming events will be posted in this area.

We meet with each family twice a year for parent-teacher conferences. These are opportunities to communicate about your child and their growth and development.


We look forward to a happy, productive and fun-filled school year!

Anna and April