Support Staff

Jessica Groves
Spanish Teacher 3-12 and Lower-Elementary Aftercare
Originally from Texas, Jessica relocated to Bloomington in 2021 with her husband and daughter following numerous moves across the country as a military family. She completed her Master of Education in Bilingual Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Texas and recently earned a Dual Language Certification in Spanish. She is passionate about linguistics and the pursuit of biliteracy development in children. Jessica believes that a positive and welcoming environment is the best way to foster bilingual children, that’s why she embraces Montessori as the perfect approach to learning a new language.

She is eager to share her cultural background and traditions with her students and ingraining herself in the community.

In her free time, she enjoys exploring nature with her daughter Claire, gardening, and cooking new meals.

Emily Krejci
Kitchen Manager

Olivia Evans
Olivia joined the BMS faculty in 2019. She was born and raised in Bloomington and has studied sociology at Earlham College and Indiana University. Prior to Montessori, Olivia enjoyed working with children at various camps and after-school programs. Outside of work, Olivia enjoys spending time in nature, with animals, painting, and writing.


Silas Bailey

Mason Davis







Lydia McCray
After substitute teaching for BMS and assisting with every session of Summer Camp in 2022, Lydia stepped into Upper Elementary Aftercare. She enjoys gaming, reading, and playing the piano, in her free time. Lydia recently won scholarships in modeling, singing and acting, and she continues to hone those skills through frequent workshops.