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I believe it is a great blessing to teach using a method that is dynamic, time tested, respects the individual, and is a powerful force for positive social change. — April Waxler


Nick Beatty
Lead Teacher, Sycamore 9 to 12
Nick received his Bachelor’s degree from IU Bloomington in 2013, majoring in Environmental Management, and both his Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary Certifications from the Midwest Montessori Teacher Training Center in Evanston, IL. He has worked as an environmental educator in Northern Indiana, teaching children of all ages, and served for four years as the Lead Upper Elementary Teacher at a Montessori charter school in Northwest Indiana. Nick brings to the classroom a love of hiking, experiential science, and educating students about the outdoors. He enjoys sports as well as biking, camping, and spending time with family and friends.

Evan Copelly
Teacher, Spanish 6 to 12
Evan Copelly is a long-time Bloomington resident and has Bachelor’s degrees in both Spanish language and Sociology from IU Bloomington. Evan was a teacher in the Maple classroom from 2014 to 2018. Prior to joining the faculty at BMS, he served as an assistant teacher in a high school and tutored children in ENL (English as a New Language). He has just completed the ASLI Spanish Language Institute course for teachers of Spanish in Cuernavaca, Mexico, and looks forward to creating as immersive an experience as possible for the students in order to foster competence in spoken Spanish and develop an understanding and appreciation of the world’s many Spanish-speaking cultures. Evan loves to sing and play guitar, and he is a big fan of puzzle and strategy games. On weekends you can find him biking on the B-Line or reading at a cafe.

Eryn Cusack
Teacher, Spanish 3 to 6
Eryn Cusack holds a BFA in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design from the University of Kansas (2005) and completed the Foundations segment of the Montessori Teacher Training in 2008. She served as the Spanish Director and teacher’s assistant at the Clay-Platte Montessori School in Kansas City, MO, from 1999 to 2003, working with children from 2 to 15 years of age, and from 2010 to 2015, Eryn served as the Spanish/Art director at the Global Montessori Academy in Prairie Village, KS. She has taught Spanish to preschoolers at BMS since 2015.

Eve Loftman Cusack
Lead Teacher, Walnut 6 to 9
Eve has a B.A. in Sociology from Northwestern University and an M.A. in Special Education from the University of New Orleans. As a Teach For America corps member, Eve taught public school kindergarten for four years outside of New Orleans, Louisiana. She then served as the educational consultant at Children’s Hospital of New Orleans for two years until Hurricane Katrina brought her and her husband back to Bloomington. Eve joined the BMS teaching staff in 2006 and served as the lead teacher of the Hickory early childhood classroom until spring of 2017. She then began her Montessori elementary (6-12) training and became the lead teacher of the Walnut 6-9 classroom in the fall of 2017.

Eve attended BMS from 1979 to 1987, when she graduated from the upper elementary (9-12) classroom. She lives on a small farmstead with her husband, Sam, who is also a teacher at BMS, their two daughters, and Eve’s parents.

Robyn Miller
Lead Teacher, Hickory 3 to 6
Robyn joined the BMS faculty in 2013. She completed her undergraduate degree in Human Development and Family Studies at Indiana University and has been in Bloomington ever since. She earned a Child Development Associate’s degree from Ivy Tech and completed her Montessori Early Childhood teaching certification. Robyn enjoys spending time with her own three children, and with all of the children in the classroom.

Alice Pennell
Lead Teacher, Maple 6 to 9

Alice is from Springfield, Illinois and graduated from Illinois State University in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. During college she worked at the local Barnes and Noble as the lead bookseller in the children’s department, where she led story times and helped plan midnight book release parties. She moved to Bloomington in 2012 with her husband and dog to be closer to her big sister and niece. Before coming to BMS she taught Kindergarten at a local school for four years. She recently completed graduate work at IU in Early Childhood, and is pursuing Montessori certification for the Lower Elementary classroom. In her free time she loves to knit, read, play board games, and hang out with her husband and dog.

Lyndsey Taylor
Lead Teacher, Aftercare
Assistant Teacher, Sweet Gum 3 to 6
Lyndsey Taylor joined the BMS faculty in 2017 and is pursuing an Associate’s Degree in Library Sciences at Ivy Tech. Providing access to information and services is an invaluable aspect of learning, and she hopes to help guide those who are curious to their answers. Prior to becoming the Lead Teacher for the AfterCare Program, she supported the lower and upper elementary Spanish classes and assisted in AfterCare. Her previous position allowed her to build relationships with the Hickory, Maple, Walnut, and Sycamore classes on a daily basis. She is excited to continue to build upon those friendships and get to know even more of the wonderful BMS community. In her free time, she is striving to improve her baking and gardening skills. She can usually be found reading, doing yoga, playing games with friends, and listening to music.

April Waxler
Lead Teacher, Sweetgum 3 to 6
April has a B.A. degree in Early Childhood Education with a Kindergarten teaching endorsement. Development theorists Jean Piaget and Edouard Seguin were inspirational to her as a teacher. When her oldest son was a toddler, she joined the faculty at Bloomington Montessori and was amazed to witness developmental theory successfully applied in a classroom. It was a transformative experience. April moved to Virginia the following year and attended Montessori teacher training courses at the North Carolina Center for Montessori Teacher Education.

April was born in Bloomington and happily returned to raise her family. She lives in a historic mid-century neighborhood with her husband Jay, dog Manni, daughter Sophie and son Teddy. She also has an adult son, Nikita who lives nearby. April has a great love of art and nature. She enjoys collecting and playing vintage records, going for walks around town, and riding her bicycle.

Anna Wegerson
Lead Teacher, Magnolia 3 to 6
Anna is thrilled to be teaching at BMS as a lead in the Magnolia Classroom, where she has taught since 2015. Anna hails from Chicago, IL, where she attended Montessori from the age of three up through 8th grade. She holds a BA in Theatre from Earlham College, and received her certification in Montessori Early Childhood Education from Seton Montessori Institute in 2013.  She is currently working on getting a Master’s in Early Childhood Education from Indiana University. Anna adores this amazing and supportive community of parents, children and educators, and is happy to be residing in beautiful Bloomington, Indiana.