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Bloomington Montessori School offers the only Montessori education for preschool and elementary in Monroe County and has done so since 1968.


Bloomington Montessori School is a privately funded, not-for-profit school (preschool – age 3 through grade 6). The school was founded in 1968, by a group of parents who wanted Montessori education for their children. The school moved to its present location in 1983 and was expanded for the third time in 2012. The building was specially designed to suit the needs of children learning in a Montessori environment. The school has been a member of the American Montessori Society since 1971. Classrooms are led by certified Montessori teachers.

Bloomington Montessori School is owned by the Bloomington Montessori Association which is composed of parents of children currently enrolled. The governing body is a board of directors, elected each May by the parents. The school gives highest priority to communication between parents and teachers about children’s performance. Teachers expect and welcome dialogue with parents. The school offers equal opportunity to all and is non-discriminatory.


The mission of the Bloomington Montessori School (BMS) is to educate children through an interactive partnership of children, families and staff, following the principles of Maria Montessori.

BMS provides a safe and respectful environment that values the strengths inherent in different learning styles and cultural diversity. The school is committed to offering a broad range of educational choices for individual and group learning.

BMS cultivates the individual’s natural enthusiasm for knowledge and exploration and guides children to acquire fundamental skills to become articulate, confident lifelong learners.


Bloomington Montessori School’s vision is to be recognized as a model Montessori school and a community hub for peace and education.


Bloomington Montessori School values…
  •    A love of learning
  •    Nurturing within children the skills necessary to be peaceful, self-reliant, empowered citizens
  •    Respect for ourselves, others and diverse perspectives
  •    Open and honest communications
  •    Working hard and working together as a welcoming community
  •    Care and stewardship of the environment