Bloomington Montessori School (BMS) is a privately funded, non-profit (501[C]3) school founded in 1968. Since 1971 it has been a member of the American Montessori Society (AMS). Our teaching faculty consists of a unified group of highly trained certified Montessorians, and we continue to focus on organizational learning, reflection, and improvement. The school offers equal opportunity to all and is nondiscriminatory. BMS offers high-fidelity Montessori education focused on holistic learner outcomes including:

  • autonomy and independence
  • confidence and competence
  • academic preparation
  • intrinsic motivation
  • social responsibility
  • spiritual awareness

BMS is recognized as a level 10 fully accredited school by the American Montessori Society. We partner with families to foster values such as:

  • a love of learning
  • respect for ourselves, each other, and the Earth
  • working hard together as a welcoming, diverse community
  • equality in all the ways in which humans are diverse
  • open and honest communication

Our vision is to serve an ever-expanding community as a center for peace and education.