Letter from the HOS and Board President

Dear BMS families,
We’d like to remind you that there is no school next week, and extend our wishes for everyone to enjoy a safe and happy week together with family. 
In this time of change and adjustment in our country, we are grateful for the safe and respectful environment that has always been and continues to be our mission at BMS, and for the peace and inclusivity that our teachers, staff, families and children display day in and day out, no matter the political climate. We felt that the values the Board and Leads defined for our school last year were worth sharing and remembering as we go into the holidays.
  • A love of learning
  • Nurturing within children the skills necessary to be peaceful, self-reliant, empowered citizens
  • Respect for ourselves, others and diverse perspectives
  • Open and honest communications
  • Working hard and working together as a welcoming community
  • Care and stewardship of the environment
We’ll see you back at school on Nov. 28th.
Roger Meridith, Head of School
Susan Yeley, Board President