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Lower Elementary Curriculum

Language Arts

  • Literature groups encourage children to read and respond to literature.
  • In addition to grammar, sentence structure, and word study, students are also exposed to poetry and creative writing.


  • In addition to the basic operations of arithmetic, students are exposed to geometry, fractions, measurement, graphing, algebra, and story-problem solving.

Cultural Subjects (Zoology, Botany, History and Geography)

  • Centered on the two timelines of life on Earth and the history of humankind.
  • Students study the fundamental needs of humans, the history of writing and numbers.
  • They also learn about the earth itself – its land and water forms, rocks and fossils, volcanoes, continents and oceans, and maps.
  • Each spring semester students study the biomes of a different continent, and how the plants, animals, and people adapt to life in these different regions.
  • Students replicate weekly experiments in the physical sciences.
  • Students conduct many independent research projects, which are typed up and shared with the class.

Peace education

  • Weekly peace circles allow for students to listen to and discuss books, role play, and appreciate and compliment each other’s special qualities.
  • A spirit of giving is encouraged during the holiday season when the class raises funds to sponsor a needy local family and send contributions to humanitarian relief overseas.


  • Spanish is held three times a week
  • Music is held twice a week.
  • Weekly art projects introduce elements and principles of art and utilize many different media.
  • Plays of folktales from the continent being studied are performed in the spring.