AfterCare Program Staff

 Matt Metzler

Matt Metzler started working at BMS in the summer of 2017. He is the AfterCare Program Lead, and you can find him leading activities and providing supervision in AfterCare every day that school is in session.

Matt has a bachelor’s degree in Integrated English/Language Arts Education from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio; after graduating in 2014, Matt lived in Oxford and worked at a Montessori school there for three years, first as an employee of their Extended Day program and then as a co-lead teacher in their Lower Elementary classroom. During that time, he also received his Montessori certification for ages 6-9 from the North American Montessori Center. Matt moved to Bloomington in 2017. He enjoys writing, reading novels, playing racquetball, and teaching children how to play the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Melanie Breedan

Kayla Clemons


Lindsay Taylor

Quick Facts

What: AfterCare is the after-school program at BMS. It is open to all BMS students in the 6-9 and 9-12 classrooms.

Where: AfterCare utilizes four main areas at BMS: the half-day lunchroom in the main building, the annex Spanish/Music room, the annex hallway, and the lower playground.

When: AfterCare is held on all days when school is in session. It begins at 3:30 pm and ends at 5:30 pm. Children may be picked up at any time during this period. Pick-up will be in the Annex.

Who: AfterCare is supervised by Matt Metzler and staffed by himself along with Melanie Breeden, Kayla Clemons, and Lyndsey Taylor. Matt can be contacted at

Why: AfterCare serves two primary purposes: 1) It enriches the education of BMS students through a variety of activities and 2) It provides an invaluable service to parents who rely – either regularly or occasionally – on an extended “school day” for their child(ren).

Daily Schedule

3:25 – 3:30 pm: A supervisor picks up students in the 6-9 classrooms and escorts them to the courtyard behind the annex. Students in the 9-12 classroom walk directly from their classroom to the courtyard behind the annex (or the annex hallway during inclement weather).

3:30 – 3:40 pm: Students put away their belongings and eat snack in the courtyard behind the annex (or the annex hallway during inclement weather). Students are asked to provide their own snack daily. Attendance is taken while the students are eating snack, and a TableTopic card is read aloud to prompt discussion of an imagination-based question that changes every day (for instance: “What would you like to happen after taking a magic pill?” or “How would you improve your shoes?”).

3:40 – 3:45 pm: A short meeting is conducted with the students to let them know about the planned activities for the given day. This meeting also provides an opportunity to address particular questions and concerns.

3:45 – 5:15 pm: Students participate in one or more activities of their choice. Each day, students attending AfterCare will be able to choose between three options of how to spend their time. The first two options will always be available: unstructured free play on the lower playground, and quiet-ish free choice work in the half-day lunchroom (such as reading, drawing, homework, and board games). The third option will rotate depending on the day of the week, and we’re referring to these as “daily activities.” Below are the daily activities that we will be starting the year with:

Monday: Rock Band* (Requires additional registration and fees. More information will be sent out to elementary families prior to this program beginning.)
Tuesday: Extra P.E.
Wednesday: Arts & Crafts
Thursday: Writing Club or Chess Club
Friday: Card Games & Board Games or Lego/Construction Club

These activities will end between 4:45 and 5:00 pm, at which time any remaining students will help clean up from the activities. After cleaning up, students will choose to join one of the two free play areas (the lower playground or the half-day lunchroom) until they are picked up.

5:15 – 5:30 pm: Students on the lower playground are asked to retrieve outdoor items and are escorted indoors to join the other students. Indoors, students work together to clean up their activities.

5:30 pm: Students who have yet to be picked up will be escorted to the main office. A late pickup fee of $1/minute will be charged. You will be asked to sign-out all students. Identification will be required for all pick-ups. Please make sure that anyone picking up your student is also listed in your Enrollment Agreement.

AfterCare Pick-Up

When you arrive to pick up your child from AfterCare, please come into the main building and find one of the AfterCare staff members in either the Commons or the half-day lunchroom (at the back of the Commons). Some of our daily activities will be held in the Commons, and some will be held elsewhere (like the multipurpose room in the annex, or the lower playground), but there will always be an AfterCare staff member in the half-day lunchroom since that is one of our two free choice areas every day.

Whichever staff member you speak to will direct you to the sign-out sheet and will call around to the staff members in other locations so they can tell your child that it is time to go. Please allow up to 5 minutes after you arrive for your child to clean up his or her materials and meet you in the commons. We are excited to utilize a variety of locations and offer a number of new activities in AfterCare this year, and we appreciate your patience and flexibility as we learn how to make pick-up as smooth as possible.


Every day your child attends AfterCare, he or she should bring a snack for him- or herself (nut-free). We spend the first 15 minutes of the program every day allowing students to eat a snack. If you plan to pack this snack in your child’s lunchbox, please make sure he or she knows that it should not be eaten at lunchtime and instead should be saved for after school. You might consider packing your child’s AfterCare snack in a different compartment of his or her bag or writing “AfterCare” on the wrapper or container. We maintain a small supply of extra snack food for emergencies, but we cannot supply your child with food on a regular basis. If your child does not need or want a snack at this time of the day, that is fine; but if you decide not to send a snack with your child intentionally, please make sure that he or she knows not to ask for a snack from AfterCare staff on that day.

If the weather is warm, please also send a water bottle with your child.

Rules and Expectations

In general, the same rules and expectations for students while they are in school are in effect while they are in AfterCare. While small exceptions may be made, generally all discussion of rules and expectations begins with the following premise: “How it goes in school is how it goes in AfterCare.”

Important rules about student choice: While there is no registration required for any of the clubs or daily activities listed above (*except for Rock Band), many of them involve some basic instruction during the first 5-10 minutes of each session that is vital to being able to participate. Every day, during a whole-group meeting before any of the activities get started, students will be given the chance to choose how they would like to spend their afternoon. Students who choose free play (either on the lower playground or in the half-day lunchroom) instead of the scheduled daily activity will not be able to change their minds and join the scheduled daily activity later during the afternoon, as they will have missed that 5-10 minutes of instruction and the activity will already be underway.

However, students who do choose to join the scheduled daily activity will be allowed to leave it and join one of the two free play areas in certain cases, should they request to do so. This will be up to the AfterCare staff member who is leading that activity, and he or she will base that decision on how long the student has actively participated, whether the student has given the activity a fair chance, and the student’s reason for wanting to leave the activity. Students who request to leave a scheduled daily activity in this way will not be allowed to rejoin that same activity later during the afternoon, and will stay in one of the two free play areas until they are picked up. All of this is intended to minimize disruption for the students who are participating in one of the above activities.

Please help us help your children learn what their options will be before AfterCare begins at the start of school so they can have an enjoyable and enriching experience. It is important that they understand the implications of their choices. If we find that these activities have “run their course” later in the year, so to speak, and students are no longer choosing to participate, we will develop new daily activities in their place and inform you of our updated schedule.

AfterCare Fees and Registration

$10/Day w/ Pre-Registration (links below)
$20/Day w/ Day-of Walk-In
How does billing work for AfterCare? As an example, let’s look at the month of October.

On September 26th, AfterCare registration for October closes. Three things happen after registration closes. First, a report is generated in the office showing all additional signups and/or walk-ins for the month of September. Second, a report is generated from showing the dates in October that families have signed up their children to attend AfterCare. Lastly, these two reports are submitted to the accountant in order for him to include these charges (September additions and October sign-ups) on your October 1 billing.

REMINDER: Registration for our AfterCare Program is done on our website in the Parents section under Resources.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact Matt Metzler, our AfterCare Program Lead, by emailing him at Billing or registration questions can be directed to