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BMS News—January 25, 2019

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Mark Your Calendar

Jan. 28             2019-2020 Enrollment Forms distributed to current families

Jan. 30            Meeting for Parents Considering or Planning to Attend BMS Upper Elementary Program, 6:30 pm Childcare provided. Sign-up sheet is on the Annex office window. Children must be 3 or older.

Feb. 6              Open House for Parents and Children Considering 4th Grade, 5 to 6 pm

Feb. 15            Enrollment Forms and 1st Installment of Deposit Due Half Day = $75  All Day,  Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary = $150

 Re-Enrollment Season Arrives

In your parent pockets on Monday you will find your re-enrollment packet for the 2019-2020 school year. All parents who wish to re-enroll their child(ren) next year must complete these forms. We hope to see all your children again next year (save the current 6th graders, who shall sail off to Junior High with our best wishes). To make that happen as smoothly as possible, please note the following.

Re-enrollment forms along with the 1st installment of the deposit are due no later than February 15.

For parents who wish/plan to enroll a child in 1st grade or 4th grade next year, please keep in mind two things. First, we make every effort to make it possible for children to benefit from the full nine-year curriculum at BMS and to develop the Learner Outcomes toward which we strive. Second, the school has established enrollment and ratios policies for our classrooms in order to serve our families as fairly as possible with the best learning environments for the children. While every effort is made to accept all current students into their new 1st or 4th grade classrooms, the number of openings varies and enrollment in new classrooms is not guaranteed. Please see the Enrollment Policy for our Method of Prioritizing Admissions. The Enrollment Policy can be found in the Parent Handbook, located online in the Parent Portal in Resources, in the Governance section. Parents who wish/plan to enroll a child in 4th grade should attend the meeting on Jan. 30.

For all parents, the deadline for re-enrollment is very important.

Once the deadline has passed, current students who have submitted the required forms and fees on time are placed in classrooms and any open spots are offered to outside applicants. Current families who have not submitted re-enrollment forms by the deadline will lose their priority enrollment status. Please see our Enrollment Policy for all the details.

If you have any questions, please ask! Roger, Jess and Karen are happy to talk with you in person, by phone or through email.

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