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BMS News — August 31, 2018

Mark Your Calendar

 Sept. 3             NO SCHOOL—Labor Day

Sept. 4-7          Class photos all week

Sept. 5             Maple/Walnut Class Picnic, 5:30 pm, Bryan Park Henderson Shelter

Sept. 7-9          6th Grade Turkey Run Camping Trip

Sept. 11           Board Meeting, 6:00 pm, Main Building

Sept. 12           Sycamore Class Picnic, 6:30 pm, Bryan Park Henderson Shelter

Sept. 14           Hickory NO SCHOOL—Youngest Group Parent/Teacher Conferences

Sept. 15           Lunch and Aftercare October Sign-ups Open

Additional Important Items

Sept. 17           Student Make-up Photos—correction from earlier announcements

Sept. 22           Fall Festival, 11:00 to 3:00, Lower Playground

Family Fun Walk/Run, 10:00 am—For All BMS parents, children, and family members! Enjoy a pleasant morning walk or run around the school grounds and the Y, raise funds for BMS and receive a free BMS gift!

Maria Montessori Remembered

Born in Italy on August 31, 1870, Maria Montessori was a physician and educator as well as an advocate for women’s rights and peace education. She is arguably best known today for the child-centered educational method that bears her name. She opened her first school—the Casa dei Bambini, or Children’s House—in Rome in 1907.

Montessori’s early medical practice focused on psychiatry, and she developed an interest in education and educational theory. Her studies led her to question the teaching methods of the time, and she seized the opportunity to improve them, through observation and experimentation, in 1900 when appointed co-director of a new training institute for special education teachers. Many of the children made unexpected gains, and when Montessori opened that first Casa dei Bambini, for poor, urban children, she further developed her ideas, designing the learning materials and classroom environment with which we are familiar today.

For the rest of her life, Montessori worked to spread the word about her philosophy and method, and about the efficacy of the child-centered approach to learning and education. She also became a strong advocate for women’s rights, and, as she lived through the devastation of two world wars, she was compelled to add peace education to her curriculum in an effort to prevent such wars in future generations. She believed deeply in the child’s potential for peace and making a better tomorrow. Montessori passed away in Amsterdam in May of 1952.

–information from the American Montessori Society. Read more here: https://amshq.org/Montessori-Education/History-of-Montessori-Education/Biography-of-Maria-Montessori

Montessori wrote extensively on education, and many of her works are available in our Parent Library, located in the Main Office. Please feel free to check out one or two of her books.

Some favorite Montessori quotes from faculty, staff and others here at BMS:

“Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.”

“The child’s development follows a path of successive stages of independence, and our knowledge of this must guide us in our behavior towards him. We have to help the child to act, will and think for himself. This is the art of serving the spirit, an art which can be practiced to perfection only when working among children.”

“Whoever touches the life of the child touches the most sensitive point of a whole, which has roots in the most distant past and climbs toward the infinite future.”

“Establishing lasting peace is the work of education; all politics can do is keep us out of war.”

“Now, what really makes a teacher is love for the human child; for it is love that transforms the social duty of the educator into the higher consciousness of a mission.”

Bench Building Opportunity

BMS is looking for an experienced woodworker willing to remove ALL the hard plastic composite 4×4’s on the benches on the lower playground (some are intact and others broken) and replace them with sanded and sealed new wooden 4×4’s. If you’re interested, please email Karen for more information. This is a fairly big job, so we’d be happy have this count as ALL TEN volunteer hours for the year.

Picture Days

Next week are Picture Days! Right now, the schedule is as follows:

Sept. 4             Sycamore Class

Sept. 5             Maple and Walnut Classes

Sept. 6             Hickory Class, both AM and PM

Sept. 7             Magnolia and Sweet Gum

Sept. 17           Student Make-up photos