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BMS News—August 10, 2018

Mark Your Calendar

Aug. 14           Magnolia Picnic, 5:30 pm, Winslow Woods Shelter

Aug. 15           Sweet Gum Picnic, 5:30 pm, Winslow Woods Shelter

Aug. 15           Lunch and AfterCare Sign-Ups Open

Aug. 21           PM Hickory Picnic, 5:30 pm, Winslow Woods Shelter

Aug. 25           Lunch and AfterCare Sign-ups Close

Additional Important Items

Aug. 28           AM Hickory Picnic, 5:30, Winslow Woods Shelter

Sept. 22           Fall Festival, 11:00 to 3:00, Lower Playground

Thank You!

Many, many thanks to all of you who helped with the planning and working at Fall Beautification. Plants were planted, weeds pulled, branches trimmed, mulch raked and cleared, sidewalks swept, sticks and branches picked up, gravel spread, roofs cleared of debris. Walls and windows were washed, cabinets sanded, doors painted. A successful day! We are beautiful, at least until late fall.

Please remember to log your volunteer hours in the log book, located in the main office.

Lunches and AfterCare

Please mark your calendars now for the opening and closing of lunch and aftercare sign ups. Both open on the 15th of each month and, more importantly, close on the 25th, at 11:59:59 pm. We have in the past been quite flexible about helping parents who missed the deadline, but this year that deadline is firm. Thank you in advance for setting alarms and otherwise ensuring your child is signed up for the lunches and care needed for the month.

One more note on lunches: as you know, you have the option to set a default meal choice for your child. If your child will sometimes eat a meal that varies from a default, either please do not choose a default setting or remember to adjust by hand the meal choices accordingly before submitting your selections. We have found that parents are often making day-of adjustments to their child’s meal choice, which leaves the school with too few of one main dish and too much of another, resulting in wasted food and wasted money. The problem has become significant, and so we are now no longer able to make day-of adjustments unless it is a medical necessity, such as a food allergy.

It is our hope that we will be able to find a lunch software that offers more flexibility than the current system. In the meantime, thank you for your attention to this.

If you are having any trouble accessing either sign up, please contact Teresa Mandell, IT Manager, at it@montessori.k12.in.us.

Parent Volunteer Hours

Volunteering your time and expertise is a crucial component of our partnership with you in the education of your children. Volunteer Hours are family hours, meaning that grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, friends and your children can contribute. Helping out around the classrooms, grounds and at school events is a wonderful way to meet other families, build your child’s connection to the classroom, and make the school a beautiful and inviting place for your child to learn and grow.

Every family provides at least 10 hours of volunteer service to the school. Opportunities abound, from helping with classroom needs to office needs to gardening and landscaping needs, Board committee needs, event planning, and more. While we may contact you based on your interests and skills, act now to seize opportunities, which are noted in emails from the school, information from your classroom teacher(s), and the Parent Volunteer Opportunities binder in the main office.

Thanks in advance—it is a pleasure to work with you to make BMS a great place for all.