Welcome Letter

Hello Wonderful Families of Bloomington Montessori School!

We are starting the new school year in the Walnut Class and we are so glad you are with us. The teachers have been hard at work setting things up and getting ready. As of this writing, the class will have 33 students in it. This includes five students who are completely new to the school. We also welcome all of the new first graders to the class. Many of them know the school very well, but they still need our collective support for getting things start off right.

If you are a family that has already been in the class in the past, please take some time to visit with new families. We are a small school and it is really nice when we can all get to know one another. New families likely have many questions.

There are some changes to the Walnut Class this year. First off we have a new teacher in McKenzie. She had been teaching in the preschool last year and is now making the switch to the elementary program. She is very friendly and easy to talk to so please introduce yourself and get to know her. I use McKenzie’s first name because now at BMS we are all on a first name basis. The children can call the teachers by their first names. That means that the three teachers in the Walnut Class are McKenzie, Alex, and myself Jacob.

One big change that occurred over the course of the summer is that we have updated our word study works. This is not a noticeable change when you glance in the classroom, but it will have a large impact on our lives in the classroom. We have brand new cards for works such as compound words, antonyms, guide words, etc. There are no missing cards and everything is in perfect order with these works. It has taken a lot of work to do this upgrade.

We also have turned in one older chromebook(our computers that we use) and have received three new ones! The new ones are much more sturdy and should serve our classroom well. We now have 13 total computers and a mini-ipad in the class.

We have placed a picnic table out on the porch. We have often felt that the porch has been underused. With a table out on the porch we can now more easily have language circle meetings out there. We can also sometimes let our most mature and responsible children work out there during the warmer months. Combine that space with the library and children have plenty of spaces in which they can work.

There are many smaller upgrades to the works of the classroom, too.

Looking forward to the school year, there several things that we could use help from parents for. We almost always can use folks to help straighten the library. You don’t really need training on this, it is pretty straightforward. We could also use someone to take out our recycles from time to time. The school has a recycling bin on the south side of the school so this is a short job, but helpful. We could also use someone with a little botany experience to care for our classroom plants. For the most part, this would need to be done without spending classroom money. For example, if someone had pots and knew how to re-pot plants, that would be useful. Or if someone wanted to research certain plants that we currently have and see what those plants might be missing, i.e. more light, less light, more water, etc. There are likely other jobs around the classroom that we could use help with from time to time.

If you have any questions about the school year, please ask us. It is true that the teachers get very busy, but we can always find time to chat with you. I look forward to having another awesome year in the Walnut Class!