6-9 Classroom Information

Arrival and Departure

Please bring your child to their classroom door in the Annex (or 6–9 Building). PLEASE be
considerate and be on time ­– 
​we teach important lessons during morning meeting, and it
takes away from our work time with the children to have to repeat those lessons for
latecomers. Further, it disrupts all of us who are sitting in Morning Meeting when children walk
in mid­meeting. At the end of the day, we have planning time, meetings with parents, and
other responsibilities after 3:30. The school has a late fee of $1 per minute after 3:30; we
would MUCH prefer to have everyone on time.


We will be studying the continent of North America this school year in addition to the regular Montessori cultural curriculum: botany, zoology, our Earth’s history and geography. We’ll continue our weekly science experiments, arithmetic, graphing, geometry and fractions, creative writing, the study of language, Spanish, music and art programs. Language circles will start after the first few weeks of school and will meet twice a week for the study of literature as well as reading and language. Spelling words will go home on Mondays and the quiz will be on Fridays, once language circles have begun. We encourage you to help your child study these at home during the week.

Materials and Supplies

We will supply the notebooks again this year, one for language circle, one for math, and one for all other work. We will also supply pencils and erasers. Please do not send any other notebooks, paper, pencils, or other work supplies from home, as these become a source of conflict among children.

Please send a pair of shoes for your child to keep at school and wear inside. These could be slip on shoes with a soft rubbery sole, or crocs, or sneakers…the point being, they will put these on when they arrive at school and wear them in the classroom, and they will change into the shoes they wore to school for going out to recess and for going home at the end of the day. This will help keep our floors and carpets clean, and children will always have appropriate outside play shoes, since they will have worn shoes appropriate for the weather to school that day. Please also be sure that your child has a coat, hat and gloves in cold weather, and a raincoat on rainy days! We have a long recess time and it is very important for the children to be comfortable outside. Also, please label your child’s outer clothing, as we have lots of good stuff left unclaimed at the end of the year!

Our guidelines for recess outerwear are as follows: 

Please make yourselves aware of the school dress code for the elementary classes. In general, clothing should be comfortable and modest, with no exposed midriffs; “inside” shoes should be flat­soled and secured on the feet (no flip flops).


The school will provide snacks for the children to eat in the morning once they have some work done. We try to find healthy snacks that are enjoyed by most of the children. We often have children helping prepare snacks for their class. Of course, teachers supervise all of this. BMS is a nut­–free​school and so all snacks that will be ordered by the teachers will be without nuts for the safety of our students.

Birthday Parties

We will celebrate birthdays once a month for all of the children whose birthday falls in that month. This will usually be the last Friday of the month and a sign­up sheet will be posted outside of the classroom. Parents sign­up to have their children participate and bring a nut­free treat. July birthdays will be celebrated in August and June birthdays in May.


Vacation Trips

Please make every effort possible to take your family vacations during our scheduled school breaks. When families take vacations during school time, it is disruptive for children, both because they miss out on the continuity of work, and because their behavior before and after the trip is often influenced by their excitement, which then affects the classroom as a whole. This year we have many vacations built into the school calendar which should make this easier to plan.

How you can help

One of the most important ways you can help our classroom is to sign up to reorganize our library books, which get quite out of order from our young librarians! This task, if done weekly, makes a huge difference in the usability of our class library. Additionally, many parents have areas of knowledge and expertise that are in line with what we are studying, and it greatly enriches the whole classroom for you to come and share with the children. It could be anything in the areas of plants and animals, the Earth’s history and geographic regions, our continent of study of the year, the physical or life sciences, special math, poetry, drama, journalism, art or music, or other ideas of your own. Let us know if you would like to do this.

The Start of the School Year

School starts for the 2015­–2016 school year on August 3rd. We start right away with very important lessons and information on the first day of school. We encourage everyone to come to the All School Open House on July 31st from 4:30­–5:30. At the Open House you can see your child’s classroom and visit with teachers. There is also a reception right afterwards from 5:30 to 6:30. We are excited for the start of a new school year!

“One test of the correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child.” – Maria Montessori