Maple Class

Photo of Evan Copelly, Alice Pennell and Jessica Davis the Maple Class Teachers by Sadie Glass Photography
Photos By Sadie Glass Photography

The Maple Class is one of our two lower elementary (6-9) classrooms.

For our parents, the Maple Class Blog link is: Maple Class Blog


Photo of Jessica Davis by Sadie Glass Photography

Jessica Davis has been a teacher in the Lower Elementary since 2008. She became Lead of the Maple Classroom in 2014 after completing her Montessori training at Seton Montessori Institute.

She lives outside of Bloomington with her husband and two sons, who attended Bloomington Montessori. They have a dog, two cats, chickens, and rabbits and work toward growing 75% of their food during the warm season and 25% in the cool season. She enjoys hiking, kayaking, and functional art projects…and of course, teaching at BMS!

Photo of Alice Pennell by Sadie Glass Photography

Alice Pennell is from Springfield, Illinois and graduated from Illinois State University in 2012, with a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education. During college she worked at the local Barnes and Noble as the lead bookseller in the children’s department, where she led story times and helped plan midnight book release parties. She moved to Bloomington in 2012 with her husband and dog to be closer to her big sister and niece. Before coming to BMS she taught Kindergarten at a local school for four years. She will be starting her second year of Graduate work at IU in Early Childhood. In her free time she loves to knit, read, play board games, and hang out with my husband and dog.

Photo of Evan Copelly by Sadie Glass Photography

Evan Copelly has been a teacher at BMS since 2014. He graduated from IU Bloomington and assisted in a high school here for three years before joining the Montessori school. He’s been lucky enough to travel to many places, including Peru and South Africa, and he loves to sing and play guitar.