Administrative Staff

Photo by Sadie Glass Photography

The support staff at Bloomington Montessori School is lead by Roger Meridith the head of school.  

Roger Meridith has been Head of the Bloomington Montessori School (BMS) since the spring of 2013. In his forty+ years in the field of education, serving as a public school all-level art educator and athletic administrator, Director of Education for a not-for-profit arts council, Head of a small private school and now as the Head of School for BMS, he has seen firsthand the value of the Montessori philosophy and feels privileged to have the opportunity to continue to support it in his role as chief administrator for BMS. He received his B.S. in Art Education and his M.S. in Fine Arts from West Texas A&M University.

Clem Toohill is the BMS accountant.

Teresa Mandell has been at BMS since 2013. She began her tenure at BMS as office-relief staff and is now the IT Manager. Her background is in testing and documentation of actuarial software where she worked as an Actuarial Consultant for twelve years before moving to Bloomington. She is married and has a daughter, Sami, that attends BMS.  Her husband, Michael, is a professor at IU.  They have lived in Bloomington since 1994.

Paula Thatcher is the receptionist at BMS. Stop in the office and she’ll be happy to help you with all those details pertaining to lunch, AfterCare and more. Paula enjoyed her many years
working with seniors and their families, and is now refreshed by the joy of your children at the other end of life’s spectrum. Paula raised three sons with a sprinkling of Montessori, while homeschooling, using private school, and then public school for high school. When she’s not home with her two grandsons and sweet Corgi, you’ll find her sailing or traveling with her husband of 38 years, John.

Karen Keagle is the director of development and public relations for the Bloomington Montessori School. A native of Illinois, Karen has worked in fundraising and PR for arts, education and human services organizations of various sizes in Washington, DC, New York, NY, and Pittsburgh, PA. She received her Bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Master’s degree in nonprofit management from Virginia Tech.

Jess Davis